Making Mead

I’m pretty excited at the potential to have free booze.

I say free because we had a bee keeper put hives on our land this summer. In exchange for the space he’s given us honey.

I actually would have done it for nothing as the bees are so vital to our existence. No bees, no pollination, no food. I know other things pollinate but bees are the big ones.

I’m really hoping the flavour is fantastic, actually, I’ll settle for palatable.


So different recipes, different ratios.

I went 4 parts water to 1 part honey. 

I didn’t measure out one litre of honey to 4 litres of water or anything exact.

I dumped a small pail of honey into a crock.*

I use dumped loosely, scraped, dug, and Danny broke my bamboo spoon in the pail trying to get the honey out.

I then refilled the now empty honey pail 4 times with water and poured it into the crock with the honey.** 

Stir it everyday a few times, when ever you think about it. (it’ll take a day or so for the solid honey to melt in the water) 

I keep it  covered with a cloth to keep dust out. 

3 weeks and it should be ready. 

*you must use unpasteurized honey, and don’t heat it to ease pouring as you’ll kill the beautiful enzymes and natural wild yeasts that make the magic happen. 

**DO NOT use chlorinated water! Chlorine kills microorganisms, which is why they put it into your tap water, to kill the bad guys, but it also kills the good guys, because it kills everything. AND don’t use hot water, also will knock out the good stuff in the honey. 

I’m now on day 5 of the 3 week wait and it’s already changed in flavour from honey water to something more complex. I’m really looking forward to the next couple weeks!

This mead is meant to be drunk young.

You can bottle and ferment further, but I’m not there yet.

I just want something for a wee bit of Christmas cheer!

It’s funny how you read about such a simple thing over and over and over again but because it’s something you’ve never done, it seems so difficult. I suppose it can apply to an immense variety of situations in life.

I’ve read about mead and other fermenting recipes multiple times. I’ve actually read the exact same books repeatedly, same chapter, same page, so many times to wrap my head around the ridiculous concept of mix two ingredients together and then do nothing.

Too easy. I must be missing something. I’ll read it again. What if I don’t get the right ratios? What if I catch the wrong bacteria? How will I know? What if…What if…

It makes my brain hurt.

You know that tight feeling that starts on the sides of your head, above your ears, and some how starts to constrict towards the frontal lobe. Ya.

I’ve decided to embrace that tightening as a challenge to push further. I figure it means I’m building super highways in my brain of new information. Eventually freely flowing like the freakin’ Autobahn.

I’m making myself a freakin’ genius.



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