A few thoughts…

I had just finished milking the cow and it was a beautiful November morning. I decided to take a moment to video a few thoughts about what we’re doing and respond to a few comments I’ve read.


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts…

  1. Hey Sweetie…I just watched the video you made about having to put down your cow. Me heart goes out to you. It’s a tough thing to have to do.

    I am enjoying your vlog (sp?) a lot and I look forward to as many as you can manage. Last week I made paneer (Indian fresh cheese) with some organic whole milk I chanced upon. What will you make with your milk?



    1. Thanks Penny. Its a very difficult thing to have to do. Unfortunately sometimes there is no other choice.
      With the milk I make a lot of cheese! I will do a post about it in detail in the next little while.
      I start with a clabber (soured raw milk that firms into a North American type yogurt) That I mix in to warmed milk (just below a simmer) it all coagulates and the curds and whey separate. I then strain the two, salt the curds and press it into shape in a ziplock bag. It keeps it’s shape rather well while it’s still warm, but once it’s cooled in the fridge it’s sliceable.
      The warm cheese is addicting!


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