The Social Aspect

I’ve decided to switch over to Vlogging. There’s just so much to write about I find talking faster and easier.

Here I discuss the social side of this year of living off the land. I was on a discussion panel at RELISH food and film festival in Edmonton and had a hotel room provided for me as it’s a long way home after a late night.

I brought along a fellow farmer and girlfriend, Jackie Harray, (who is also a Life Coach) to hear and see what’s happening in the Alberta food scene on an urban level.

As farmers  we’re often stuck in the fields, barns, and tractors producing food and tending to the animals and we never get the opportunity to see how excited urbanites are about food and the potential there is for our businesses. We don’t have to be stuck in a commodity chain. We don’t have to mass produce to make it financially. We need to offer our foods directly to the people who eat them.

Because, let’s be real, without farmers everyone is dead.

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